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電子論壇第87期:Magnetophotonic structures for ultrafast optical control of spins: physics and appli cations for ultrafast data storage and quantum technologies

作者:研究生科 發布時間:2019-09-18 來源: 主講人:Prof. Vladimir I. Belotelov

由電子科學與工程學院主辦的“電子論壇”第87期邀請到俄羅斯莫斯科國立大學教授,Vladimir I. Belotelov安徽25选5走势图,與我校師生共同探討磁光納米光學和超快光磁效應領域研究進展安徽25选5走势图。具體安排如下,歡迎感興趣的師生參加安徽25选5走势图。

主 題:Magnetophotonic structures for ultrafast optical control of spins: physics and appli cations for ultrafast data storage and quantum technologies  

主講人:Prof. Vladimir I. Belotelov (Professor, Moscow State University, Russia

時 間:2019年927日(周五)9:30-10:30

地 點:清水河校區科研5號樓351會議室



Nowadays coherent and local excitation of spin ensembles is of prime research importance since it expands functionalities of magnonics without Ohmic losses and could push forward quantum information that requires local magnetic fields at a subwavelength scale. It is also important for magnetic data storage with ultra-high density. With this respect optical means are of great promise due to the excitation locality. Moreover, ultrafast recording of magnetic bits by means of fs-laser pulses is of great interest as well. In this way, most promising are nanophotonic structures, including magnetophotonic crystals, all-dielectric and plasmonic structures. The lecture will give state-of-art overview in this area and present recent results of the Magnetoplasmonics group at the Russian Quantum Center. 



Dr. Habil., Prof. V.I. Belotelov got his Master (2001) and PhD (2004) degrees at Lomonosov Moscow State University. He made habilitation in 2013. Currently he is a principal investigator at Russian Quantum Center and Moscow State University.

Vladimir Belotelov is well known for his research in the field of nanophotonics, magneto-optics, plasmonics and ultrafast magnetism. He is the author of more than 300 publications, of which more than 100 are published articles in representative peer-reviewed scientific journals (Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Phyiscal Review X, Optica, Scientific Reports, etc.), two chapters in scientific books, and 50 invited papers at scientific conferences. V.I. Belotelov has extensive experience working abroad at universities and research institutes in Germany, Australia, Italy, France and India. He proved himself as a brilliant scientist conducting theoretical and experimental research at the highest world level.

The obtained results in the field of magnetoplasmonics and ultrafast magnetism are both fundamentally important and of great practical importance, since they can radically change the concept of designing optical components of various devices and thus lead to a revolution in information and telecommunication and sensor technologies.